Crystals Aura

our story

trust nature

Have you ever wondered why African women have such clear skin? Different majestic shades of
chocolate and bronze skin, radiant complexions and wrinkle free skin. We can attest that to the beauty
rituals that have been passed down from generation to generation of women and men young and old. It
is a combination of oils, butters, nuts, herbs, plants and trees native to their part of the land that make
up these beauty secrets.
Crystal’s Aura makes botanical, cruelty-free products; and we are driven by the values of being eco-
friendly and sustainable. The botanicals that thrive in our region and have been treasured by our
ancestors inspire us; our heritage strengthens us. We are a truly authentic product of Africa.

the environment

Everything we buy to the cardboard box it’s sold in poses a risk to protected forests, sensitive waterways and the air we breathe. It’s not enough to claim “ethically sourced”, we must prove it. As we continue to turn to natural ingredients, whether we are working with cold-pressed oils or using natural exfoliants, we want all ingredients to undergo an Eco-Ethical Screening to assess their source, safety and quality. This ensures it’s good for you and doesn’t harm the planet either. Our focus is on increasing our positive impact areas while reducing our environmental footprint.

local economy

On average, forest products account for 6% of Africa’s GDP, more than any other continent. NTFPs (non-
timber forest products) constitute more than 35% of household incomes in Zimbabwe and across Africa,
such ecosystems are not being properly managed. Most NTFPs are prone to market failures as they are
treated as free goods leading to overexploitation and corruption. As a result, market under pricing and
exploitation often do not reflect full marginal opportunity cost to producer communities.
The beauty industry in the MEA region was estimated at about $27.1 billion in 2018. Around
USD13billion in illicit trade in Africa stems from the forestry sector. Traceability is the only way to ensure
chain of custody. We aim to map our supply chains and connect the ecosystem whilst monitoring for
economic empowerment, conservation, and broader socio-economic development. It starts with us!