Crystals Aura

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Begin today by joining our Skin Squad community of sales consultants. Share products you use and love, build lasting connections with people just like you, and enrich your life through rewarding experiences. This business opportunity requires no registration cost other than buying your product starter kit from as little as $20.


When your passion and your purpose come together, you truly find your best self. As you discover new things and change your life with Crystal’s Aura, you can fill the cups of so many other people around you so they can change their lives.


LEARN how to earn


Crystal’s Aura empowers you by providing products that you can share with others to look and feel their best, the opportunity to develop the skills and abilities needed to own a business, an uplifting culture full of people who support you, and one-of-a-kind experiences that will ignite you. We are in constant transformation, motivated by the challenges to revolutionize the experience of our consumers and consultants and now with you we will continue dreaming big to achieve the extraordinary!