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Being your own boss is liberating and Crystal’s Aura can help you do it! Our business model was built to
empower our squad and we’re here to offer the support you need to become one of us. For as little as
$20, you can start building a Crystal’s Aura business that has the potential to transform your life, career,
family and lifestyle.
Why now? The world is changing, social businesses are growing and wellness is the in thing.
We are committed to clean products that deliver results, our unique business opportunity promotes
transparency, sustainability and a positive mindset, while offering a competitive earnings plan with
global team building opportunities.
Benefits of starting a Crystal’s Aura business means:

how it works

You set your schedule, work wherever you want and determine your level of effort, whether working from your phone or meeting with prospective clients and groups in person.

Crystal’s Aura makes botanical, cruelty-free products; and we are driven by the values of being eco-friendly and sustainable. Our Zimbabwean heritage plays an important role in the products we create.  The botanicals that thrive in our region and have been treasured by our ancestors inspire us.

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Everyone who starts a Crystal’s Aura business joins a diverse and inclusive community with team members who serve as advocates for overall wellness.

In addition to the sponsor training you receive, you have online access to tools such as The Content Kit,
a digital catalogue, and an experienced customer service team.

Our business model offers earnings through discounts on your personal sales, override commissions on the sales of your team members and provides an opportunity to earn cash awards. (See Winners Plan below for more details)

The more you sell, the greater your chances of earning incentive trips, rewards, recognition, monthly
product offers and other rewards we are working on.

Our philosophy involves empowering the local community, to help make meaningful changes that benefit the greater good.

Terms and Conditions

Read more about our Terms & Conditions regarding the website, Independent Consultants, return policy, and more.