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Pure Mafura Butter


This amazing African butter encourages the regeneration of cells giving you a younger glow. It’s also favored for its highly anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities meaning it can be used to heal the skin.


Vast woodlands of the Mafura tree are found in Zimbabwe and is native to the southern regions of Africa.. Essential fatty acids in the butter soften the hair cuticle and improve skin elasticity. Mafura butter possesses a delicately soft,

creamy texture at normal room temperature. 

  • It nourishes, softens and protects the skin. 
  • It is an effective emollient and is ideally suited for parched, dry, itchy, mature and problem skin types. 
  • Mafura serves as a remarkable conditioner and moisturizer. It helps to restore the vitality of lifeless hair and strengthens dry, brittle and damaged hair. 
  • Mafura also improves the condition of the scalp. 
  • Serves as a remarkable conditioner for African hair and all hair types that benefit from significant hydration, moisturization and softening.

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Trichilia emetica (mafura)

Apply the butter as your moisturizer to damp skin. When we apply moisturizer to dry skin, it doesn’t work its way as deeply as it could. 

Use on your scalp and hair for locking in moisture and strengthening.


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